Friday, March 4, 2011

The King of Limbs review

  Considering it's been 4 years since Radiohead last put out an album (In Rainbows), many people including myself were expecting to be blown away by The King of Limbs.  That wishful thinking, however, lead many to be disappointed with the album when it released on the 18.  I can't deny that I was one of those people, but I also can't deny that I really liked the album.

  Yes, It is probably Radiohead's worst album since Pablo Honey, but if that's any indication it's that Radiohead is incapable of producing a bad album.  After the first listen you may feel indifferent about the album and the direction Radiohead chose with it, but after several listens it does really grow.

  Radiohead chose head in the direction of a Dubstep/Avant Garde music for the first half of the album and it really brings artists such as Flying Lotus and Burial to mind, and it makes sense considering Thom Yorke was featured in a song from Flying Lotus' last LP. Although I do appreciate how Radiohead continues to merge influences from several generes into their albums, the songs ultimately falter due to their poor production choices.  Alot of the drum machine beats are pretty much looped throughout the entirety of the songs, and at times sounds like they just used fruity loops.

                            Thome Yorke dancing around like an idiot.

The second half of the album, however, did come off for me as fantastic. Especially the last track, seperator,  which is already one of my favorite Radiohead tracks. You get a feel that the album is progressing from something dark and gloomy to something happy by the end.

Overall score: 7.5/10


  1. radiohead is soooo good.

    i havent listened to them in ages though. :(

  2. So did I. Now I'm considering purchase of this album

  3. the first pic is animated and from the old transformers cartoon. isnt this song like 10 years old now?

  4. Great song! Followed!

  5. I haven't heard this yet, thanks!

  6. There's rumours that this may be the first of four albums in a release cycle that spans the year - what do you think?

  7. I actually like Pablo Honey. There, I said it.