Monday, February 14, 2011

THE KING OF LIMBS!!!! (also, happy v-day)

  Happy Valentines day everyone!  Hopefully you're able to share this day with the one you love, but if you happen to be a 20-year-old single man like I am, there IS something to get excited for.

Front Cover
Back Cover
  Yes, this is the cover of the new Radiohead LP "The King of Limbs" that will be released for digital download this Saturday and the extravagant "newspaper album" will be released on May 9th.  What Is a newspaper album you say?  I have no clue at all.

  One thing I do know though is that It will consist of 8 songs as said on the Japanese website for the album, one of the songs being over 14 minutes long!

  Many people have been speculating this album to be post-rock influenced, which would be an interesting approach.  This is most likely due to the longer-than-normal song lengths for a few of the songs.

  If you want more information, you can check out the album's site here:

  On another note, Arcade Fire just won the grammy for album of the year for their album "The Suburbs!"  It wasn't my personal album of the year for 2010, but when a band and album with actual musical merit obtain the grammy for AOTY, it's a big thing.  I myself am glad that indie music is getting more exposure.

                            A typical hipsters reaction to their secret little band winning a grammy

Anyway, have a great valentines day everyone.  Hope you find someone to spend it with.


  1. Radiohead rocks! LOL'd at the mermaid pic...

  2. Radiohead... need to say more? lol

  3. The king of limbs looks amazing!

  4. Oh boy I'm getting the grammy winner album now.

  5. Ahh, remember when I was a kid and couldn't afford wrapping paper and i wrapped the gifts in newspaper. Maybe a newspaper album is like an album wrapped in newspaper cuz they can't afford anymore album art??? Noo..that can't be right.

  6. yes radiohead. following!

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